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The Return on Purpose Benefits Everyone

Throughout his career, Hideto Nishitani has witnessed companies doing great things for shareholders, but recognized that a strategic focus on all key stakeholders with higher purpose – employees, customers, suppliers and communities yields stronger long-term results. With a deep understanding of corporate governance and a track record of success in the business, he has dedicated his work to instilling purpose in business and recognizing the role he plays in achieving sustainable growth.

So much so that when he founded Virtuous Capital, he wanted to use his expertise in investing and advising to help companies incorporate and grow with a defined purpose. While still a new concept for some, his enthusiasm for PBCs is shared by many. In fact, 36 states in America recognize PBCs legally and thousands of companies have incorporated as one including a growing number that are publicly traded.

Nishitani has studied purpose-centric companies, including publicly-traded PBCs, and leaned heavily on his own professional experiences, board service, and academic affiliations to showcase how putting purpose at the core builds stronger businesses from the start. Today, Virtuous Capital is the only unique platform with the mindset of investment and advisory activating new PBCs and nurturing their long-term growth for the benefit of a sustainable future.


Hideto Nishitani

Hideto Nishitani founded Virtuous Capital, LLC, in November 2020 to help entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses as a force for good in the era of a balanced stakeholder economy. Since then, his passion for purpose has only deepened as his work and research to establish and grow Public Benefit Corporations (PBCs) has accelerated. His focus on purpose-centric business where companies pursue business interests with all stakeholders for the long-term success, it helps them drive sustainable value.

Prior to focusing exclusively on building companies with purpose at their core, Nishitani was CEO of ORIX Corporation USA, and Senior Managing Executive Officer of ORIX Corporation (NYSE ‘IX’), where he led Principal Investments, Commercial Mortgage Servicing, and Asset Management for ORIX. During his more than 35-year career with ORIX, he distilled a disciplined philosophy in investment, management, and governance that is repeatable and scalable.

He was also a former board member of Houlihan Lokey Inc (NYSE ‘HLI’), a leading global investment bank.

To further his reach and influence, Hideto Nishitani is actively involved in the following organizations:

The National Association of Corporate Directors: NACD Directorship Certified TM
International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN): Human Capital Committee Member
The WHY Institute: Certified Coach
MSc(Econ): London School of Economics and Political Science

My philosophy as an investor and a business leader is shaped by the purpose-centric mindset which helps craft strategies and decisions aligning its culture and values.”
Hideto Nishitani