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Profit with Purpose:
Public Benefit Corporations

When a company incorporates with a clearly defined purpose, everyone – not just shareholders – benefits. And they benefit big. Big on purpose, big on profit and big on impact. Operating as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) is a shift from a shareholder-centric model, and instead uses higher purpose to guide and strengthen for-profit businesses and the stakeholders they serve.

Virtuous Capital has adopted this long-term investment strategy as its platform. Serving in both an advisory and investor role, this unique, future forward approach helps companies define their purpose-driven path and build growth businesses that are a force for good, for all. In today’s business climate of building an inclusive society, there is no better time to consider shareholders, debt providers, employees, customers, suppliers and community holistically and generate the returns that positively influence everyone – today, tomorrow and beyond.

An organization’s culture of purpose answers the critical questions of who it is and why it exists. They have a culture of Purpose beyond making a profit."
Punit Renjen
Chairman Emeritus, Deloitte

Our Roles


What is a Public Benefit Corporation and what are the benefits of incorporating as PBC? Virtuous Capital serves as an advisor to companies and organizations to pursue a higher purpose as a guiding north star.


As an investor in Public Benefit Corporations, Virtuous Capital helps companies advance their purpose from the start and define the best strategic path forward for success and significance. Companies with this foundation last and their societal impact strengthens with time. 

Guiding and Growing Better Business

Specializing in PBCs, Virtuous Capital brings decades of business leadership, corporate governance and culture building expertise to help companies thrive on the PBC path. Focusing on purpose-centric businesses, Virtuous Capital guides PBCs to grow businesses profitably for the long term.